Class inequality and crippling loneliness got you down?

Seek relief in the omnipresent company of Smart n’ Sentient’s new Furniture Friends™!

(note: As with all sentience-enabled technologies, operation of Furniture Friends™ carries implicit risk of personal or property damage. Smart n’ Sentience customers, however, may enjoy a risk-free guarantee upon proper usage of our 24/7 Customer Support service.)


Thank you for contacting the Smart n’ Sentient’s Behavorial Corrections Hotline! We’re sorry you’re experiencing issues with your Furniture Friends. A customer service agent has been dispatched and will arrive at your door in five minutes.

Should you continue to notice your Furniture Friends engaging in Aberrant Dialogue, simply select one of the offending units to reboot the conversating pair. Make sure to reboot in time but

*for FULLSCREEN - click the cropped blue button on the bottom right


game by Michelle Song and Evan Cheng for the So Bad it's Good 2018 Game Jam. 
playtested by Jackie Luc and Andrew Stefani
music from


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Very cute and comfy ^^'