For some, the mid-life crisis is a devastating reminder of failed childhood dreams - what could have been. 

For 'Tiger J',  who will soon "have attained to the Age of thirty five Years" (U.S. Constitution Article 2 Section 5), it's the very key to a new dream - for himself and AMERICA. 

Play as Tiger J as he speeds down a one-way, endless road (infrastructure reform is a huge part of his platform, no doubt) and shoot your magic PropagandaGun(tm) at passing billboards to win the election!


*Game was created for Tiger Jam 2018


A and D - dash left and right

LMB - shoot propaganda balls 

mouse - aim


Evan 'Frolicks' Cheng
Brigitte Giles 

Third Party Assets: 
Free Low Poly Desert Pack
Free Cubemap Extended 
Simple Car Pack
Road Texture 
Suit Photo
Highway Photo
Sign Image
Uncle Sam Hat
American Flag 
Purple Planet Music - Ecstasy 
Purple Planet Music - Time of Your Life


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Yay, HTML5 version. Now I can play it at school!

Good Game, Really Enjoyed It

Holy shit, this is the first time anyone's ever put up a let's play of my games!
This is beyond awesome. Thanks!